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Austin's first salon to offer fibroblast

Fibroblast  Skin tightening 

Avoid costly and risky cosmetic surgeries such as eyelid correction. Fibroblast, new revolutionary non surgical lift treatment is highly effective, remarkable alternative to surgery. Can be done anywhere on the body and the downtime is minimal.

Neck Lift

6 days after, small dots still present

Lip Flip

zero injections, results last up to 2 years

4 days after and still healing

Red dots disappear within 5 days

What is Fibroblast?

Plasma treatment is a revolutionary method for a perfect facial rejuvenation. It is important to stress that Plasma is a non-surgical technique where no scalpels or any other surgical instruments are used.

The Plasma treatment uses the fourth state of matter – plasma. Tissues treated “sublimate” and we avoid spreading unwanted heat to the surrounding areas. The principle is to ionize gases in the air to create a small electrical arch.

When the electrical arch – plasma – touches the skin surface, the heat widens the acne and is subsequently transferred into the epidermis all the way to the papillary layer which contains fibroblast cells. The result is con- traction and tightening of the skin cells. Consequently, the excess skin is reduced and the result is comparable to lift procedures or wrinkle reduction. Most, if not all, methods of skin resurfacing are based on creating a controlled skin damage, which activates its healing and this leads to the skin re-modelling and improvement in various signs of aging.

Even though skin layers get damaged by plasma in a controlled manner (by heating, fragmentation, vaporization – sublimation and coagulation), they do not burn off as they largely do under ablative laser and, importantly, there is no open wound during the healing phase. This is extremely important as this approach reduces the risk of side effects such as scarring, infection, loss of pigmentation etc.

After the treatment small dry spots – scabs form. They need 5-7 days to fall off and during this time the client should keep the skin surface clean (use Octenisept and lukewarm water) and protect it with cream which we will send home with.

What does it treat?
  • Skin imperfections, including skin tags and sun spots

  • Eyelid Tightening, including lower eyelids and excess upper eyelid skin

  • Lines and Wrinkles 

  • Plasma Face lift and Plasma Neck Lift

  • Tightening loose stomach skin after pregnancy

  • Diminishing stretch marks after weight loss

  • Restoration in the areas of acne scars

What side effects can I expect?

Plasma Fibroblast has been shown to be a safe and non-invasive procedure in tens of thousands of patients. There are no stitches, needles or bloodshed in a plasma fibroblast treatment. 

Despite this, as with most cosmetic procedures, patients are more likely to experience few minor side-effects within the first 5-10 days after treatment.

Most patients experience slight itching in the treatment area for just one day.

How long does it last?

When performed properly you may expect results to last as long as they would with an invasive surgical procedure. Like any surgical procedure the effects aren’t completely permanent and can’t stop the aging process.

Nevertheless, the results you get should last you for years. The amazing effect of a Plasma Fibroblast treatment should be apparent quickly after the first treatment session and continuing over the next three to four weeks. Depending on the body part treated and expected results, an additional treatment may be required after 6 to 8 weeks. Detrimental lifestyle choices such as too much sun, smoking, and excess alcohol consumption are discouraged to help you maintain long-term results. 


Plasma Fibroblast is much more affordable than traditional surgery.  Feel free to contact us for discounts on multiple areas or body parts.

Eye Treatments:

  • Upper Eyelid Lift $800.00

  • Under Eyes (Bags and Puffiness) $600.00


Face Treatments:

  • Crows Feet $400.00

  • Neck lift $1,500

  • Jawline (jowels) $600.00

  • Nasolabial/Smile lines $400.00

  • Top Lip/Smoker Lines $400.00

  • Forehead $500.00

  • Lip flip upper $250

  • Lip flip lower $250


Other Areas:

  • Abdomen $400-$2000

  • Skin Tags $100 and up

  • Elbow Lift $600

  • Arms $1,500 

Post Treatment Expectations:
Final results are visible 6 weeks after treatment. Follow-up treatments may be performed after 6 to 8 weeks determined by your skin’s healing. Follow-up treatments are normally provided at a discount.